14 October, 2007

In the last post I said that life was good. I need to renig a small bit on that statement. I just found out today, that my dad and stepmother(living in St. Petersburg, FL) and my sister and her husband(living in Boise, ID) are going to be in KC Thursday through Sunday of this week. However, no on bothered to tell me this until I received an e-mail from my brother this morning. WTF? Apparently he's known for about a month, but 'forgot' to tell me. I am working Thursday through Saturday, and Sunday is Swanson Cross #2. I would gladly skip the race, but that would leave a long ass drive Sunday morning, since Amy has plans for Saturday. Also there is no one around to open/close work next weekend because of the 'cross races. This sucks. I haven't seen my family since January of this year up in Wisconsin.


munsoned said...

Leave it up to brothers to forget the important stuff. So do you work every day? Sure seems like you're at the shop all the time. Hope some decent dedicated people, like yourself, apply to the shops to alleviate some of the scheduling strain.

Matt N said...

I'm usually here everyday, but Wednesday's and Sundays. However, I was working yesterday for Miah, he has a kid and he thinks he is god. Haha.