14 October, 2007

So, work has been pretty slow lately. Well down right non-existent customers. Not bad because it allows us to get things moved around and get projects done. I have been SUPERBUSY lately with some of the new responsibilities lately. However, I love it. The new tasks that have been put on me lately are things that I like. I see all the new products before it hits the store. I'm going to be working with the Lincoln Plating/Lemond guys for all their team orders and equipment. Which is awesome since I have gotten to know a lot of them and they are all great guys. Oh yeah, I'm also doing most of the warranty stuff through Highgear, which is good because that means I get to do what I can to make sure the customer is kept happy, which is the best part of my job. Nothing is better than seeing someone leave with a smile on their face.

Whether it is a new bike, a minor adjustment, or a pair of shorts, keeping people riding is easily one of the most gratifying things that I have ever done. You won't get rich working at a bike shop, but there is more to life than money, even though mine seems to be driven by bills lately, a la Munson. I feel you on the no money thing, maybe even more so since I actually can't afford a car, but a cross bike for winter will help with the commute.

Life is difficult, but good


Peter said...

Get ready to hear arguemnts over (and over) who wants 24oz bottle and who wants 20oz bottles. Even the smallest decisions should be taken into consideration...many a time.

Good to hear that you are keeping busy and whatnot. That's cool you have been around there so much for so long. But, I'll believe it when I see it. All I'll hafta do is check for The Musings of a Neurotic Amateur on the front computer's history. If not, keep working hard and give my best wishes to all the staff.

Matt N said...

Hey, Peter man, watch out for your cornhole buddy.