27 January, 2008

As everyone can see I put up my tentative race calendar for 2008. It doesn't look as good as PoolBoy's, but it is what I can manage. Pretty much all of these days are extremely speculative. It all depends on money, ability to take time off work, and fitness level. Also, If anyone is traveling to these races, and have an extra space, let me know. I will compensate. Like I said before I'm shooting for KC Cross Nationals to be my big goal of 2008, and that is at the end of the year.

Also my dad is turning 60 on June 29th. Amy and I want to head down to St. Petersburg, FL for his birthday. That's more time and more money away from home, so dates are subject to change. There are a few races down there really close to when I'll be there. That would be cool to race down there, since he's never seen me nor my brother race.

Talk about your cabin fever. Well, I have it right now, BIG TIME. Of course, I'm also not getting suited up and going out riding today, working, but I will ride tomorrow before work.

On some other news Amy and I celebrated out 3rd anniversary last night at Cheeseburgers-in-Paradise. Doesn't sound all that special, but every year we head there on the 3rd Saturday in January because it was where our first date was. I assume we'll head some place nicer eventually, but neither of us have the money nor the want to go to some other place.


Lindsey said...

Looks like a fun, action packed year!

Congrats on the 3rd anniversary- that's an accomplishment in itself!

sydney_b said...

Does look good.