26 January, 2008

Astana pics

Andreas Kloden's TT bike, I'll bet the wheels will match when it comes to racing.
Levi Leipheimer's Road bike. I'm willing to bet he will have a Stars and Stripes model by the Tour of California.
Levi's jersey is pretty cool. I couldn't pull it off. I look at wearing a national championship jersey as the only person to wear, was the person that earned it. Same with the world champ jersey and bands.

For more stuff on Astana and camp: Astana Team Site

I know I'm going overboard with this Astana stuff, but I really like the look of team. Probably even more than Disco in the past. Besides, early season stuff gets my motivation high and keeps me in the gym. I think I hear the weight pile calling my name.

see ya,

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munsoned said...

I'm really digging the cranks on that TT bike. It'd be mesmerizing as it flew by you.

I also like the Bonty Classic wheels. Nice and solid. Wish I has a set.