25 January, 2008

Team Astana Bike

Team bike of Michel Schar of team Astana. Check out the height on the seat mast and the length of the stem(extra top-tube).



bryan said...

It's so close to awesomeness. If they could turn down the robin's-egg blue to more of an ice blue, that thing would be sweet.

Matt N said...

I'm pretty split. I do happen to like the Astana colors. I think that this years jerseys are a lot better than last years. Levi's looks sweet. I've got a pic of it and I'll put it up tonight. There are only a handful of jerseys that I actually like(Astana, Slipstream, Tinkoff(for some reason)) I don't know. I think that by being sponsored by a government that you kind of have to abide by their national colors. Their TT bike looks SWEET!