04 February, 2008

Day 1

Today was the first day in my new running strategy thanks to MOD. I ran for 30 minutes straight, and surprisingly didn't count the laps. So I actually have no idea how far I ran. My shins hurt quite a bit the last 5 minutes, but I just had to push through it. Those Nike running shoes I got are really comfy to run in. They are probably the best pair of running shoes I have ever owned.

The only problem that really bothers me when I run or do cardio for around 30 minutes or longer is that the last 5-10 minutes my nose runs constantly. This only happens a little while cycling. Does anyone have any idea why my nose might run when I'm working out?

Received my WarAxe socks today.....BEST DESIGN EVER!!! Totally happy with how well they came out. You can see them over at their site. Totally worth getting.


bryan said...

wait -- you ran inside? get your ass outside, son! anything about 20 is awesome running weather, provided it's not snowing or something.

do. it.

Matt N said...

Running outside is actually one of my bigger problems. I seem to lose the ability to pace myself unless I am on a track. Don't ask me why. I have no idea.

bryan said...

So just run for 30 minutes. Go out fast. If it's too fast, you'll know. After a few runs, you'll have it figured out. Plus, hills make you stronger.

Running inside ... that's like riding a trainer in the summer. Crazy talk.

MOD said...

Seriously, I'm with Bryan on this one. Go to bikely or google maps or whatever. Map out a 2,3,4,5,6 mile loop and start working your way up the mileage/time. I've been running 2 miles segments around 15ish minutes with one descent hill. I'm about to crank it up to 3 miles and add another hill (steeper). You live in Dundee, plenty-o-hills. And they're good for CX. Driving power.