02 February, 2008

The Weather Continues

Did this video yesterday, tore my legs off.

On to more important stuff. Are we going to see some nice consistent riding weather anytime soon? I looked at the forecast just a minute ago and it seems pretty bleak. Just a lot of snow, freezing rain, and generally foul temperatures. Oh well, gives me some more time in the gym to get stronger. In the past three weeks I've seen some nice advancements in my overall strength, which I am happy about.

I talked with MOD today about what I can do this year to drop weight and what I should do in the fall for cross. So I'm changing my focus on my running. Miles don't matter. Time is of the essence now. I've been running for time, but that doesn't build endurance and cut weight as much as time does. That change won't be to bad, I can do it. Then at the end of the road season I'll take a week or two off relax and recharge. After that it will be 100 yard sprints and running stairs in order to tear the legs of off other cyclists this winter.

I was thinking today about how addicted I became to cyclocross this year. It is truly amazing I still enjoy a nice ride on the road, but no matter how much pain I had during racing this year I was still having a ton of fun. Hopefully that continues as I prepare for a very long and hard season.

My brother drove up from KC to pick up his Powertap today. He was stoked. The wheel even blended in well with the Easton Circuit wheels that he currently has on his bike. I'm excited for what the racing year will bring him, not that he will once again be a 3. Should be good. Of course the time at the shop was well spend. I even talked him into getting some new D/A pedals(7810's) and the Shimano R-300 Shoes. Of course, that was more him wanting them then me telling him to get them, but that is how it goes. I think it felt like the best Christmas ever to him. Of course in a few months when he gets his Cervelo R3, it will feel like all his birthday's came at once. Really it was just good to see him and get to spend some time with him. Went to the Dell to have some of their famous Fish & Chips, which are still the best in the Midwest.

I really want some Shimano R-300's and since the tax man was good to me this year, I'll be getting some soon.

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