08 February, 2008

I do bitch a lot, but I am also in the gym 6 days a week working out. I guess I can't do one without the other. Besides if I keep my expectations low then maybe I will surprise myself.

Also today the Spring Crit's changed dates. The one in Omaha is now on a Sunday and is one week before the Spring Cycling Classic. I wasn't planning on doing the classic anyway, but I was going to do the crit on the original date, since I now have Saturday's off. However, now that it is on Sunday and I work on Sunday's, it looks as if it is not going to play out. Now I'll be fresh for racing in May or June...hopefully.

I update my race calendar for the year. Now, it looks like I probably won't be racing until June. I did find a nice weekend in August to go out and see my brother and get in 2 crits within 45 minutes driving from Denver. So hopefully that pans out and I'll get to see what it is like to race then. Who knows maybe this will work out a lot better for me since my real goal is in December, so by working hard now until June to lose weight and then racing from June through December. I'm sure stuff will change a lot. We'll just have to wait and see.

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bryan said...

So ... what's stopping you from going to Lincoln on the 22nd? That's the original date of the Omaha crit? Still a race. Still a Saturday.