07 February, 2008

I found out this morning that my brother is being transferred again. This time he is moving from KC to Denver. It was a year and a half ago that he and Wendy(his wife) moved from Omaha to KC and bought a house and renovated it. It is the coolest house that I've ever been in. Now they have to move again.

It sucks for me because I was used to my brother living in Omaha while I was in college, and as a training partner. Now in KC it was good for Amy and I to go down and visit and race when I was there, saved me some money on hotels. The bad thing that came when they moved to KC was that I lost my motivation when he moved down to KC. Now I'm just really, really down. It is pretty much the same feelings I had when I found out they were moving to KC.

I'll just have to find races in Colorado to go and travel to. Then because of altitude I'll be getting my ass kicked even faster than I do har, which is usually me getting dropped in record time.

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bryan said...

buck up!

speaking of getting dropped -- if you keep crab-assing around, I'm gonna drop you while you're warming up on the trainer at the spring crit.