23 February, 2008

CIpo(again), update, and Go By Bike

I'm still just really happy Super Mario has come out of retirement to race in the states. What would be even sweeter is if he and the team race Tour of Missouri, so that I could say I saw the 'Lion King' race. That would make things GREAT! I've seen Alberto, George, Levi, and the disco guys, but Cipo has always been my favorite.

On another note, I've dropped 10lbs. since mid January. Things are looking up. Oh yeah, and I'm a lot stronger in the legs than I've ever been, but only time will tell if that will help on the bike. My legs have always been strong from carrying around a lot of extra weight until I was around 20-21, so I've still got all that bulk but now it is a little less fat and hopefully some more strength. At one point when I was a senior in high school through a sophomore in college I was right at 300lbs. so anywhere under that is an accomplishment. I also owe it all to biking. Oh yeah, and my shoes came in. Best fitting and looking pair of shoes on the market.

My last topic, but certainly the most important. I hope that this new Go By Bike contest started by Midwest Cycling and Trek will bring more people into the activity that transformed my life. America is getting bigger, more cars are on the road, and gas just keeps going up. Commuting, even if it is just to a grocery store or the corner gas station is something great for this world. Cyclists have a great opportunity right now looking us in the face and we need to embrace it and make it successful. Get people on a bike. It doesn't matter if it was $3 dollars at a thrift store or a custom bike. Point is, it is a bike, and it is the new way to change the world. I will always be a rider first and foremost. I wish that something like this was around when I started riding. It would have been a great opportunity to educate people on what they could do just by riding a bicycle.

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Lindsey said...

Those rock racing kits are so sweet. I mean, if they can make a skinsuit look cool- that is enough said.

Congrats on the weight loss both recent and long term. Coming from a similar boat, it is a pretty awesome feeling to know that you fought a disease that the majority of the population feels that they are hopeless against.

It is amazing how nothing tastes as good as lean and mean feels.