24 February, 2008


Way to go George. Now if only you can pull a Paris-Roubaix win off. I hope that it happens.
The more and more time I put into this handlebars the more I like them. I can actually reach my brake levers while in the drops, first time that one has happened. This PRO Vibe 7S handlebars are SWEET! 31.8 all the way across the tops makes for a really stiff bar when out of the saddle on the hoods or in the drops. The curve from the top where it tapes off on both sides is perfect for sprinting or had accelerations because it gives you huge forearm clearance. If anyone is looking for a new set, we can get them at Highgear. There whole line is worth looking at. The link is on the sidebar in the Gear column. If you want to see what it is all about they are on my bike, so I'll let people take them for a quick spin.
Picked these up today. SKS Raceblade road bike fenders. A really good investment if you don't want to spend an hour or so cleaning all the crud off your bike. We have them on sale at the shop for around30 or 40 percent off of regular price which was $60. This spring I probably won't be without them.


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