26 February, 2008

Rock Racing - Here to Stay

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munsoned said...

I like their kits. I hope they stick with them. Of course Cippo should keep his own bike, but the rest of the team looks pretty bad azz with the lime green and black bikes/jersey/booties/etc.

Yes, Michael Ball is pretty arrogant and yes, some guys on their team are questionable. But if you think about it, if the original postal service team was in the TDF today, they'd have big troubles. Postal Service/Disco just made it under the big hits of doping scandals. I guess you could question whether leaving the team meant those people took up doping since they were trying to be #1's instead of domo's for Lance. But still, it was pretty rampant back then.

Anyways, I like Rock Racing and I hope they have some good results this year.