25 March, 2008

March Madness

So, the NCAA has their version of March Madness. Well, I have my own. Hence why I think I have only 10 posts this month, down from 26 in February. I've been pretty busy this month.

Spring Super Sale starts on Wednesday and goes through Sunday, so the past 2 weeks or more here at the shop has been spent prepping everything and trying to get it ready. The really bad part of this is that I will be out of town on Thursday and Friday of this week, and not able to help out with the sale for those 2 days. However, I will be working the whole weekend. Not bad, I enjoy talking to people that cover the whole spectrum of the bike world.

The satisfaction of someone getting into biking and coming to the right place to get fit, talk to an actual salesperson over going online and finally making the investment into their future is simply amazing. It is the whole reason I got into this industry. My goal was to change people's lives like my life was changed when my brother gave me my a bike in the summer 2003.

Just before that we remolded, which caused a lot of stuff to move around, painted, sold, etc. All I have to say about the remodeling is that it looks amazing. As of April Highgear will have been open 6 years, and this is the first time that I know of that things have changed this dramatically. However, in some small ways we are still recovering and getting things organized. I guess you can say that it has been a pretty crazy few months in the bike world.


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