13 April, 2008

I finally got to watch Transformers, I received it as a Xmas gift, but hadn't had the time to watch it until yesterday. AWESOME!

I finished gluing up some tubulars. Mike, I'll pay you before I leave, I promise. They mounted up easier than my cross tubulars, now I just have to ride and race them. Should be fun.

I really don't want to pack up all my stuff, and leave 2 weeks from tomorrow, but at the same time I am really looking forward to what lies ahead.

I can't wait to see what the riding is like where I'll be living. I also can't wait to have weekends off. This will be the first time I've had weekends off since I started working at 16. That is almost ten years ago.


munsoned said...

I saw Transformers at the theaters 3 times, I think? You really missed out not seeing it on the big screen. Maybe you'll have some small time theater in Wisco, like the Dundee Theater, that show's cultish movies randomly.

Glad your tubies worked out for you. The set I had went on easy also. It's not bad at all, until you get a flat, which I never did and didn't want to experience either.

Make sure to keep us updated on your blog with all the new adventures you find up there in the land o cheese.

johnny said...

Where in WI? Waterloo? I have been to a cool theater in LaCrosse you order your pizza at the door and get a pitcher of suds and they bring out the pizza and refill the beer. GOOD STUFFF. Oh try the Fat Squirel Beer.

Matt N said...

I'm going to be living in Sun Prairie. It is about 5 miles outside of Madison. Since I will be a full-time commuter, I had to pick the place that made sense. 15 miles away from Trek, and do it 2 times a day. That is 150 miles per week. I should be flying by cross season. There is a crit in Madison on May 18th, that I might try and make. Should be fun