01 April, 2008

My announcement and my 300th post!!!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I accepted a position with Trek Bicycle Corp. this morning. I will be moving to Wisconsin in late April.


bryan said...

Now that's news! Congrats, Matt.

Leave your Felt here for me -- you'll be on a Madone soon.

RF said...

Congratulations! You'll enjoy working for a small, family owned company, in an industry you love!

munsoned said...
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brady said...

Congratulations, Matt. You'll be missed around here!

Grumpy said...

Welcome to the Land of Beer!!
And if you think I'm joking your wrong!!
Look me up when you get to Mad town. I'll buy ya an Indigenous beverage.

Lindsey said...

Hey! I just accepted a position as a dentist in Madison... (and no, this is not an April fool's joke)... this is super crazy! Are you thinking of living in Mad-town?

Now, if we can get the rest of Nebraska to realize how cool Wisconsin is... we could take over the world... one beer brat, cheese curd, really bad accent when we say 'don't ya know,' and pitcher of beer at a time... mwahahaa!

Sean said...

NICE. You better come home handing out free Treks.

Grumpy said...

Tysons, Wife is doing her residency @ the UW, so thats two more members of the Omaha Mafia! One by one. One day at a time! We are going to take over the world Pinky!

munsoned said...

My horrid attempt at ribbing on Miah will now be corrected:

Matt, congratulations to you on your job upgrade. Now Miah will have to bear the brunt of all the crap we threw at you. I guess we can always mess with you on your blog. It's just not the same as going into HighGear, ordering some stuff, then bugging you the next day and EVERY DAY from then on to find out if it's come in yet. Miah, we love ya, but be ready for some haggling. If I get on your nerves too much, do like Matt did and give me a swift kick to the crotcheral region and say, "Keep talkin man, and I'll put a frame pump in your spokes next group ride!!!"

Just kidding fellas. Matt, congrats again, and thanks for all your great service. Miah, I look forward to giving you many headaches, I mean, gleaning from your expertise and excellent service.

Peter said...

Mike, you're nothing Miah can't handle. PAF PAF PAF

Matt, congrats! What will you be doing up nort'?

Miah, check out MITMON. That's for you! PAF PAF PAF

Shim, wherever you are...PAF PAF PAF

Matt N said...

Bryan- Felt is going with me. I'll get a bike this year, but I don't know what I'll get yet.

RF- Thanks Ryan. Micah moves to Denver, I move to Madison.

Brady-T hanks Brady. I'll miss everyone around here too. There will always be a couch and a floor for people to visit.

Grumpy- Thanks Scott. That is what I hear "beer and cheese." Just give me some Leine's Honey and I'm good.

Lindsey- I'm thinking of living in Sun Prairie, it is a suburb between Madison and Waterloo(Trek) and it would cut about 8 miles off of my commute, since I won't have a car I have to look at it logically.

Sean- If I get some free Treks, you'll be one of the first to know

Peter- I will be an inside sales rep, not sure what region I will be yet, but I will know on May 5.

Munson- Go easy on Miah, he has a ton on his plate, but he always comes through in the clutch.

I will write up a better blog post when I get some more details finalized about moving and such.