02 April, 2008

Quick Rundown

1. I will be moving up to Wisconsin sometime in late April.

2. I will also be moving by myself, Amy has elected to stay in Nebraska.

3. I will be an Inside Sales Rep. for Trek Bicycles.

4. My first day of work will be Cinco de Mayo.

6. I'm really excited about moving, but sad that I have to leave a great place to work, and such great people to be around. That is the true heartbreaking thing about taking this job.

5. Holy Crap, am I moving to Wisconsin?!?!?!?

6. On the bike front I picked up some new tubie wheels today from Spencer. White Industry Hubs laced to Mavic CXP30 rims. I'll try and pick up some Dughast tyres this fall, so that I will have 2 sets of tubie wheels for cross. My Rolfs are pretty beat up, but will serve me well for another year or so. Really I want to get some new tubular road tires and mount them up to race on. I had a blast racing cyclocross on tubulars, that it really makes me wonder what it feels like to race road on them. Also picked up a new seatpost(Ritchey Comp) and some new/old Tomac mtb bars. The post will go on the cross bike to fix my seatpost issues, but the bars will be used for some projects I have coming up. I'll get some pictures up soon.

7. Courtesy of Lefler, I received a Lincoln Industries-Highgear jersey today as a thanks for all my support for the team. Maybe next year, even though I'll be in Wisconsin, he'll let me race under the team name. Maybe Munson can bribe him with a burrito or something.

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