25 August, 2008

Cyclocross 2009 - Let's GO!

One month until cyclo-cross. BRING ON THE PAIN!

Can you tell that I'm excited that cross season is right around the corner?

Put some Paul brakes on the BumbleBee this weekend. About the only thing that has carried over from that picture is the frame. Everything else is different. I'll try to get some new pictures up when I get a chance, and I'll give a rundown of what is on the bike. I have to go get a new digital camera some time soon. Should be pretty sweet to race on. What do you think Burrito-Boy Munson?

I'm looking forward to starting my dismounts and remounts this week, as well as a little barrier running. I've been running and sprinting for about 2 weeks, and I feel pretty good. I am in a hell of a lot better shape than I was last year. I don't get winded after a mile anymore, and I'm not really that tired after a 5K, as long as I pace myself. Considering I'm also about 30lbs. lighter and definitely a lot stronger than I was at this point last year, I should be able to finish in a halfway respectable position. As long as I finish and I don't finish last that will be OK for me. Who am I kidding I'm out for results and to show some NE pride to all these Wisconsinites?

I only get my good old competitive drive a few times per year and cross brings that out of me. In actuality I am probably a little too competitive when it comes to lots of things, and I definitely take let downs a lot better than I used to. Still I put a lot of pressure on myself to perform and do well, so I guess we'll see how it all goes. Now watch as I go completely embarrass myself and get my ASS kicked all over the Wisconsin countryside. I can't wait. Besides training keeps my mind off of other stuff, and it keeps me focused on something productive and healthy.

There is just a ton of stuff going on right now, and I'm trying my best to keep everyone updated as best that I can. I just wanted to tell you guys that I do miss Omaha and the Shabbos rides and riders, and the friends that I left to come up here. However, everything I left back in NE really made me realize and reflect on a lot of things, both positive and negative, that were going on in my life. I am realizing more and more everyday. I am learning from all the things that are going on in my life with each passing day, and I would not change or alter my decision for the world. Besides, I got a lot of stuff going for me that I didn't have a few months ago.

Have you ever had so much stuff going on that you feel like there is a hamster on speed running in his wheel in your brain? That is basically what I get to experience on a daily basis, and to tell you the truth: I LOVE IT! I just wish he would stop for a rest. :)

later on,


munsoned said...

So, uh, whatcha doin with those crappy 9-speed shifters I sold ya as part of that bike? Or did I sell you my 105s? I'm so cornfused as to what parts I've nearly given away to friends.

If you happen to have some 9-speed STI shifters laying around, I could sure use some. If you've kept up with my blog, you'll remember that I'm on a new machine. I'm using bar-ends at the moment and, as bullet proof as they are, I sure would like the convenience of STIs.

munsoned said...

Oh, and I'll comment on the bike after you get updated pics and a run-down of the new parts. It looks pretty much the same to me in that pic you posted. But it's still a sweet ride. I would've still been on it, if it was a bit bigger. Toe-overlapping the front wheel while turning is not cool.

Matt N said...

You didn't sell me any shifters with it. I had to use cane creek hoods and bar cons.

The picture was from the night that I got it built up, so there is a lot of stuff different.

I love toe-overlap. I don't have the biggest feet in the world, but the front end of that bike is a little weird. oh well, it will last one more year, so I'm good with that.

I keep up with all the blogs from O! I want to see what your new ride actually looks like with all those mod's. I bet it's pretty sweet.

Mike, your bigger than me and I git on that bike with a 110 -7 stem on it. I guess I'm just in better shape than you, like that would happen. Anyway, I'll get some pics when I get my new tubies glued up and I get it 'race ready'.

bryan said...

mike -- Brady has the 105s. That is all.

munsoned said...

Matt, Oh yeah, I gorfot. I'll try to post some pics of my all-rounder pretty soon. After much contemplation though, I don't think I could be very competitive with other cat 1/2ers with that bike. So I'm sticking with the Lemond as the race machine and probably using the Wingra as a TT bike. Maybe. We'll see...

Bryan, see that's what happens when you've had way too many bikes pass through your arsenal over the years? I started on Campy Veloce parts ('01-'02), switched to Ultegra 9-speed('03-'04), switched back to Campy Chorus('05) when I traded Jason Kingsbury for my Ultegra stuff, picked up 105 parts(05) for my cross bike, then finally settled on Dura-Ace 10('06) for racing and left over 105 stuff for TT/commuter/winter season bikes.