30 September, 2008

Michelin Jet

So the course this past weekend would have suited this very well, it was dry and hard pack. I've been talking to some people and since there are 2 races this upcoming weekend around here, I'll be taking these and the muds with me. Since my tubies aren't up and running, I need some choices. If the weather holds and it stays dry then at the very least I will run this on the rear and continue having the mud up front for some traction. Not that this is going to make a huge difference to where I finish, but now that I have the first 2 races out of the year, and I'm slowly getting the kinks worked out I'll do better. I really need to work on my starts and barriers, since they are the keys to the race.

Injury note: My hips and quads are killing me. I have been running lately, but I guess it wasn't enough. Shins don't hurt, just the hip joints.

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