29 September, 2008

Pictures and recap from JP/PB Cross 2008

Todd Well, and yes I am in the background.
Steve Tilford
Molly Cameron
Tim Johnson leading Troy Wells, Todd Wells, and Jonathan Page

I raced on Saturday and again on Sunday, after originally planning to only race on Sunday so that I could rest. The course suited me very well because there was only one section of barriers so I could stay on my bike as much as possible and power through some stuff that people had to run. However, because I didn’t pre-register I had to line up in the last row for the start. This was the first time I have ever raced where they staged like this, usually it is first come - first serve for line-up. Anyway it was the absolute worst place to start a race because you get stuck behind everyone when the course gets twisty and you lose time trying to make up the gap. Which happened, and I wasn't really that happy, but there was nothing I could do. Saturday there were 60 guys in my field and 50 for Sunday. I finished 30th on Saturday and 20th on Sunday. I could have done better if I had a better start, but I’m not dwelling on that because I rode my brains out.

Sitting here this afternoon I am in a serious amount of PAIN. My hips and back are hurting pretty bad and I injured my left shoulder somehow, I didn’t crash so I’m not sure what happened. It is hurting pretty badly. That made for a fun ride to work this morning. Other than that I have a nice gash on my right quad from my brake cable catching my leg on a remount, but with all that I still had fun. It is almost the best time that I have had since I moved here. Watching the pro’s helped me a lot and I picked up some good ideas for racing this upcoming weekend, maybe. We’ll have to see how I recover this week.

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