16 August, 2011

Question: Want a chain that works?

Answer: KMC X10SL (In gold of course)

I have used the KMC X10SL chain for 2 seasons now and will not be going back to chains from Shimano or SRAM anytime soon. This chain just plains works. It is quiet, extremely light, and coolest of all available in Pink or Gold. My first experience was early last year, when we started sell them at The Bike Way as a signature of custom bikes we were building or just to add a little bling to someone's bike. So I put one on my road bike and never looked back. First ride was great because it was quieter than the Shimano Dura-Ace chain I took off, but I also noticed that it shifted great.
The chain has hollow pins, hollow outer plates, and hollow inner plates to keep the weight down. Weight for the chain uncut is around 240 grams, which is about 15 grams lighter compared to the SRAM 1091R chain. KMC also includes a quick-link for your installation pleasure. They also make a 9 speed version that works just as good.
The part that really makes this chain so good is that it lasts, in part due to the titanium-nitride coating that is used on the chain, which helps improve its slickness, and enhances that gold hue on the chain. I used 1 chain last year for commuting, cross practices, and cross races. I had a good 2500 miles on the chain before I changed it, and it wasn't even stretched to the normal replacement range yet. Normally I go through a chain about every 1000-1200 miles before it is shot. The 10 speed chain retails for around $80, but you get what you pay for on this one folks. This chain lasts and looks great. A great upgrade for any drivetrain.

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