18 December, 2011

Part 2: The Adventure Continues

All right, so here we go again.

California is definetly different than Nebraska.  First, it isn't as cold.  Weather here so far has been pretty good.  There has been a couple of rainy days, and there is a rainy season, but I don't have to deal with the snow anymore.  That being said there is no thunderstorms in Northern California.  That is something that I miss.  The earth doesn't readjust herself every day, earthquakes, nor have I felt one out here yet.  I'll let you know when I do.  I've been living in Morgan Hill, CA since day one out here and it is pretty nice.  MoHill is a quiet town about 15 minutes south of San Jose.  There have bike lanes, are pretty accepting of cyclists in general, but that is probably because Specialized is located ehre in town and they are pretty used to seeing us out on the road.

Working for Specialized is great.  I am happy to go to work everyday, and I have rediscovered my passion for riding bikes again.  This summer took a big toll on me and my riding.  We were so busy at the shop, which was awesome, that I really didn't get to take time and enjoy riding my bike or train for cyclocross.  I was pretty burned out to say the least.  The riding here is great.  There is tons of varied terrain for you to ride.  Whether it be the willow loop which has a good climb and a super fun descent, or riding in Henry Coe park, which has some super long cat 3 and 4 climbs.  No it isn't Colorado where you can climb for hours at a time, but you also don't have to deal with the altitude.  Besides, if you really want to pack your day full, you can do a road ride in the early morning, drive the hour to Santa Cruz and go surfing.  You definitely can't get that in Nebraska.

One last thing before I sign off for the evening.  Long distance relationships take a lot of work, but if you are both committed, it can and will work.  

To answer a few questions:

Yes the lunch ride is CRAZY FAST!  People out here are on another level of riding talent and skill.  The people I work with are fast, smooth, super fast, and some of the best riders I have ever seen.  If you come out for a visit and want to do the lunch ride, be prepared to get your butt kicked up and down, side to side, and back again.

Working for Specialized is AWESOME!  There is some pretty cool things going on around the office everyday.  From people bringing their dogs to work, bagel Friday's, lunch rides, and so much more.  The people that work here are truly the best in their field and I couldn't ask for a better group of people to work alongside everyday.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line and I will answer them for you.

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