13 December, 2006


This is my MTB/Communter. Circa 1999-2000 CAAD4 Cannondale Headshok Fatty. Full XTR minus the shifters. Mavic Crossland(bombproof) wheels. I don't like Mavic road wheels but these wheels never come out of true or have any problems. Look at how much seat post I have showing. The bike is a little small for me. Originally my brother's, he's 5'7" and I'm 5'10".
Check out the Suntour XC Expert Shifters and XTR levers. Oh yeah the yellow elephant in the background is Lance, and its a long story.
Got this sticker from Chad, goes well with the bike. It's responsible for my shoulder.
Full 8spd Shimano XTR 8spd drive train. Oh yeah and it's rapid rise
The decal says it all.

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